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Accelerating to the angels

As part of the first Creative Accelerator programme in Perth delivered by Elevator we held a dedicated pitching vent in June.

Five businesses from the creative industries pitched for feedback and investment from a variety of backgrounds; design, music performance, interior design, learning and development and interior design.


The Creative Accelerator Cohort #1 with Roddy McLean of Curious Egg


Despite the eclectic mix there was the inevitable synergy found between pitching propositions, it made for a very interesting event

New Fund Announced As Part of Scottish Growth Scheme

Scottish Government has announced the introduction of the first tranche of financial support under the Scottish Growth Scheme – the Scottish–European Growth Co-investment Programme  – a £200m initiative – bringing together investment from Scottish Government (through Scottish Enterprise), the EIF and private sector fund managers.

For further info. please go to Scot Gov website

Thanks to our friends at LINC for sharing this information

Attracting investment in your business

An interesting event in a great venue:


Innovation Event 6th May

Investing with the crowd

The investing landscape has changed dramatically over the last three years since The Angel’s Share launched with crowd funding and crowd lending playing an ever increasing role.
A recent arrival on the scene is Lending Crowdlending money from as little as 5.95% – with the flip side being that lenders can expect returns of +5.95%


Making debt funding available to cash hungry businesses can only be a positive but also introducing the mid-set of investing in early stage businesses can only nurture the investing eco-system

Support for spin outs

enterprise%20education%20at%20edinburgh_250x200Over the last year or so we have seen more projects coming to our pitching events from our Universities. Good news for both the investing communities and the universities with news of new support. A new £2 million pilot project, backed by the Scottish Funding Council over the next three years, aims to support the formation of 90 new technology companies with high-growth potential at Scotland’s universities.

Three regional centres will be created in Edinburgh, Strathclyde and Aberdeen Universities but it is clear that all of Scotlands universities should benefit.

In an article on their website Head of Company Formation at Edinburgh Research Innovation Grant Wheeler stated:
“The economic need for Scottish universities to improve and accelerate the company formation process is clear. This initiative provides an opportunity to share valuable expertise and resources in the highly-specialised area of high-value knowledge-based company formation to produce more sustainable companies, from the Scottish university sector. The proposal is workable because it builds on what is already happening around Scotland.

At present, the support mechanisms for this activity are highly variable at institutional and regional level. This new initiative will address this variability and ensure that all high value company formation projects at universities participating in the pilot project are optimally supported.”

Having seen projects from bio-tech, engineering and digital sectors over the last 18 months at our events lets hope this helps produce more in the short and long term.


Investors looking for strong teams

In an article in Scotland on Sunday Jim Duffy, chief executive of business accelerator programme Entrepreneurial Spark (ESpark), told states that start-ups need to “earn the right” to finance, and a good idea alone is not enough to attract investment.

He claims: “Part of the problem that start-ups have is not a lack of funding, but understanding how and where to get it. A start-up will get funding if it’s believable, well thought-out and has a decent team – and we don’t build enough of them in Scotland.

“I recently visited New York and spent a lot of time in Boston, and people are leaving MIT and Harvard in teams, ready to go into accelerators and incubators. It’s part of the culture there, but in Scotland there’s a lack of understanding about how to grow a start-up.”

You can read the full article here

We totally agree with Jim and his advice and we build on that in our investor readiness advice and coaching. A list we refer to frequently is what investors are seeking in an entrepreneur and their team:

  • Tenacity
  • Flexibility
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Coachability
  • Knowledge
  • Passion

Do you have these characteristics?  Does your team? Could you develop these in you and your team?